About Us

The foundation of Leva Bhratrumandal, Pimple Saudagar is to provide service, useful programs and visionary projects. We are clear that the body members and decision makes of our mandal are the fellow samaj members out there. We must proud to be the member of great Leva Patidar community. Our community is hard-working, responsible and dedicated to the cause we take-up. I invite all of you to enroll all our samaj members into this mandal participate in all our activities with energy and enthusiasm.


  • Parenting Skills
  • Senior Citizen as Teacher
  • Helping hands to Poor Students
  • Home Science Cooking Classes


  • Health Awareness Program
  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Total Health Checkup
  • Diabetes, Blood Pressure Checkup


  • Financial Support to poor Patients
  • Students Reward Program
  • Promote Our Community
  • Career Counseling

Leva Jallosh Get-together Program

Community is a powerful word. As part of different gov associaion, We have seen the power of a few dozen people reaching out to their personal networks, business connections and celebrities to create awareness on different social causes & Kids development. so we started 'Leva Jallosh'.

Leva Chamber of Commerce Industries & Agricultures

Leva Chamber of Commerce Industries & Agricultures (LCCIA) is working for the growth of LCCIA's to promote the small and medium business among Leva Patil Samaj. LCCIA has incorporated in 27.01.2017 in Pune and supports for setting up industries, marketing, distribution, export promotion, importers, Investors, and strategic business partners which also includes abroad settled business.

Drawing, Craft Competition & Shadu Murti formation

LBMPSP and Jagran City Plus proudly present the Drawing, Coloring & Craft Competition for the school students.

Leva Lagn Website

Levalagn.com offers the most extensive database, search, photos of leva patil and patidar community. Leva patils from Jalgaon/Khandesh Origin can take a benefit of the same.

Blood Donation & Health Checkup Camp

Blood cannot be manufactured in factories, it can only come from generous donors. Organizing blood donation camps is the perfect way to cater to this demand. Everyone wants to contribute towards the society and save lives. Leva Bhratrumandal, Pimple Saudagar, are giving everyone a chance to do so.

Our Programs

some programs in accordance with various LBMPSP Associates.

Zep Magazine

Annual Social Magazine by LBMPSP

Matrimonial Site

LevaLagna Matrimonial Website Associate


Various Business activities in LCCIA

Save Environment

River Cleaning,
Tree Plantation

Kids Activities

Drawing, Craft Competition, Shadu Murti formation

Helping Hands

Moral & Financial supports to peoples

Recent Works

by Leva Bhratrumandal, Pimple Saudagar, Pune Team with associative partners.

Our Partners

In various activities

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